About Design Gallery Interiors

Opening a retail store during the COVID-19 pandemic is not for the faint-hearted and inexperienced, but Ingrid Canales is certainly neither, and she is having a great time with her recently launched Design Gallery Interiors.

Ingrid has over 15 years experience in Furniture, Design Consultations and Interior Decorating. Her background experience came from Penthouse Furniture Galleries and other retail operations where she has enjoyed face-to-face communications. She always dreamed of having her own store, when a location was available in West Market Square along Sirocco Drive S.W., she bravely became the only furniture store in the area last month. Her and her family live in and have many friends in the area who have joined in their excitement in promoting the boutique, 2,300-square-foot store that carries the furniture they have selected and are proud to see in customers’ homes. Eighty per cent of the furniture is Canadian-made and can be custom-fitted with a wide selection of fabrics and colours, with the help of Ingrid and her staff home consultation talents.